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      Ed 'Edzo' Kelly's Vision for the Future of Our IAFF

      IAFF General Secretary-Treasurer Kelly Responds to Eric Lamar's Blog

      **UPDATE: 9/21/20 At the request of the IAFF Executive Board the expense report & the receipts have been removed.

      Paid Firefighters: A Cost-Effective Choice (by Edzo Kelly & Joseph Fleming)

      In a recent editorial in the Washington Post, Professor Fred McChesney questions the value of paid fire departments, particularly unionized fire departments. He has written similar Op-eds in the past. Due to the credibility provided by the editorial board of the Washington Post, local papers might pick up this editorial. To assist local fire authorities in developing a response, we have analyzed Professor McChesney’s editorial, and have listed several resources and Internet links that can be used to supplement the information in this analysis. By Edward Kelly and Joseph Fleming In a recent editorial in the Washington Post1, Professor Fred McChesney questions the value of paid fire departments, particularly unionized fire departments. He has written similar Op-eds in the past.

      IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter's Memorial Observance: A Fitting Tribute to My Friend & Brother

      (September 22, 2015) I was both humbled and honored to participate as a flag presenter at this years IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial service in Colorado Springs, CO. I had the distinct honor to present the IAFF Flag in memory of my longtime friend, Neal Mullane, Sr., to his daughter, Sue Gillis.

      September 7, 2020: On this Labor Day, I wanted take this opportunity to speak directly to each and every one of you. Since 2016, when I first ran to be you General Secretary-Treasurer, I continuously referred to this as #OurIAFF and I always will. The past year has challenged us. It has challenged our Union. It has challenged our resolve. I ask you, not as your General Secretary-Treasurer, but as your Brother from Ladder 17. Look around. Everything we have is because of this Union. It’s because of you. This Union needs you. As a fire fighter, I need you by my side in that smoky hallway, and as your General Secretary-Treasurer, I need you by my side in this Union. There is no face to this Union, but one…Yours. Right after a good job, your face covered in soot and sweat, looking like you just went 10 rounds… but you’re happy as hell… and ready to do it again! Because that is who we are… We are Fire Fighters first. Be Strong… Be you… Be Fire Fighters.

      June 25, 2020: OurIAFF GST Ed “Edzo” Kelly responds too the 6/25/20 article in the Wall Street Journal.

      May 17, 2020: In this video, our IAFF General Secretary-Treasurer Ed "Edzo" Kelly again checks in with the members of #OurIAFF. Our Brothers and Sisters who truly are, the #TipOfTheSpear in this fight against the global pandemic, COVID-19. Although video conferencing and working from home has become the "New Normal", our Executive Board and Local Leaders remain vigilant. Same as our members, past and present who have always answered the bell, many times having to adapt, improvise and overcome whatever challenges we face.

      April 13, 2020: This message is from our IAFF GST, Ed "Edzo" Kelly is to each of our IAFF Brothers and Sisters working the front lines. Each and every one of you are literally the "Tip of the Spear" in this fight against the global pandemic, COVID-19. This is like no other challenge we have ever faced. This is a danger and very real threat, not only to all our members, but also to our families and friends, should any of us become infected... but we must still answer the bell.

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